Tributes for James Gandolfini are continuing to pour in following the Sopranos star's death Wednesday.

Holsten's, the New Jersey diner where the HBO show's famous final scene was shot, has been flooded with fans who wanted to visit the place where Gandolfini made his last appearance on The Sopranos

In remembrance of the Emmy-winning actor's life, the diner's owners reserved the Sopranos table (where the scene went down) for the weekend and topped the table with a vase filled with white flowers.

"This is our way of saying thank you for having the opportunity to meet you and work with you…it's just upsetting that gone," Holsten's co-owner Ron Stark told E! News.

"I had the privilege to work with him, shooting the final scene of the final episode ," he continued. "He was great to work with, a great guy, a great actor obviously and I'm going to miss him." 

Stark, who described Gandolfini as a "regular guy" who hadn't changed in spite of his success, said, "Everybody kind of loved him."

"[Fans] respected him as an actor and everybody wanted to come here…maybe it gives them closure," he continued. "It's one of the last things they saw that he did."

Gandolfini passed away after suffering a heart attack in Italy, where he was attending the Taormina Film Festival. He was 51.

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