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Chris Colfer Visits Downton Abbey Set—See the Pic!

Chris Colfer, Instagram Instagram

Looks like someone's feeling a bit touristy.

Chris Colfer recently tweeted—and profile pic'd—an Instagram post on the set of Downton Abbey with a one-word caption, "Breathe."

The actor-singer has been traveling Europe to promote his new books Struck by Lightning and The Land of Stories, and from the look of it, he's been making the most out of his trip!

VIDEO: Chris Colfer discusses his new book

So far he's made pit stops at the iconic Stonehenge, Buckhingam Palace and the Palace of Versailles (his "favorite place in the world!"). According to this playful pic, he's even gotten into a bit of trouble with the cops—oops!

We're glad the Glee star is having fun on his tour, we just wish he took us with him!


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