Heidi Klum

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Supermodel, mom of four, business woman and new America's Got Talent judge—those are just a few of the titles Heidi has under her belt.

From the fashion industry to the small screen, the multitasking star seems to be everywhere. To have that much influence in Hollywood you've got to be up on what's hot. So to see what's trending with celebs right now, we recently asked the blond bombshell all about her summer must-haves.

Here's what she shared:

What was the last item of clothing you bought?
I went shopping yesterday and scored four shirts from Equipment. They're a really nice T-shirt style but they are a kind of washed silk material—really pretty! I got a camouflage design, leopard print, snake style and stripes.

What TV shows are currently on your DVR?
Wipe Out because my kids love it! It's never been on my radar before. It's so weird, I didn't even know about it and I think it's already the 8th season.

What song is on repeat on your iPod?
"Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke featuring T.I. and Pharrell Williams. My kids love anything pop!

What was the last fitness class you took?
Burn 60. You go for 60 minutes and there's a trainer. It's basically a big party. The music is really loud and they have those microphones and they just yell at you. You do three minutes of cardio on the bicycle, and then you go to the floor and do exercises. It's 60 minutes long and you're just going, going, going!

What's your must-have beauty product right now?
Clear Scalp & Beauty Therapy Shampoo and Condition. It's really amazing!

What is your snack  of the moment?
Carrots. I read you're not supposed to eat those little ones anymore. They put some chemicals into that water, and it's supposed to be chlorine. Goodness, that's what you give your kids as snacks to put in their lunchbox! I always thought they're weird. I always thought they were a bit slimy and they weren't tasting like a real carrot. I'm also really into juicing but it's good to have the whole fruit or the whole vegetable. I shave the outside of the carrot a little bit and the ends and I snack on it. It's much better to go straightforward old-fashioned carrot, and it doesn't take that long to do that. Then, it actually tastes like a carrot and it's good for you.

What was the last piece of jewelry you bought?
I bought a piece while on a family vacation in Hawaii. It's almost looks like lace and it's embroidered with flowers and stuff like that. So it says "Mom" and it has the initials of my four children on the corners, and a flower with a stone in the middle that resembles their birth stone. I had it made when I was in O'ahu—it's really pretty!

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