Miley Cyrus, #WeCantStop

Miley Cyrus may be a self described "party animal," but if the previews for her next music video are any indication, that animal is maybe a koala bear or some other critter that kinda just chills and doesn't get too wild (not wild like, say, a parakeet. Parakeets definitely get wild).

Miley tweeted out two teaser clips for her "We Can't Stop" video, set to premiere this Wednesday, and, while it is her party and she can do what she wants, what she apparently wants to do doesn't seem too bad.

There's certainly no signs of anyone doing a line in the bathroom (that's a cocaine reference, FYI) or dancing with molly Miley (another controversial lyric. Rest assured, from the looks of it, there is no dancing of either sort).

One of the short clips shows the pop star in a swimming pool as a group of friends jump in. Another has the singer singing along to the track while hanging out with a couple of friends and wearing what appears to be a funeral veil.

What she may be mourning is the death of twerking. There is not a single twerk in sight.

RIP, twerking.

So while we'll hold out judgment until the full video debuts (they're called teasers after all, maybe she's saving all the juicy stuff), we've so far come to this conclusion: Miley may be getting "turned up" at her party, but we're betting the music was turned down by 10 p.m. latest. Because there are neighbors and what if they call the cops? Her parents will kill her if they found out she had a party while they were out of town.

And put a coaster under your solo cup, please. You'll leave water rings on the table. Please?

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