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True Blood Season 6: Everything We Know About What Lies Ahead

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So you've watched the premiere of True Blood's sixth season, and you are probably dying for scoop on what lies ahead. You are not alone; we are constantly wondering what's next. And that's why we routinely bug the cast and showrunners for spoilers on what's going to happen to our favorite Bon Temps crew. And no, we didn't get the info by hiding out in their bushes outside their homes. Well, not at first. 

Regardless of how we came across the scoop, here is everything we know (for now) about what lies ahead for True Blood season six. Plus, please enjoy the awesome photos taken on the set of HBO's live-chat during last night's premiere. If your favorite isn't Alexander Skarsgård and Stephen Moyer's "prom" photo, we don't want to know you anymore:

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The Big Death: Who is biting the big one this season? All we know for sure is that it's a major character and that it will be a very emotional death. "The table read was really sad, heartfelt. That person cried. We all clapped, and then in True Blood fashion, we had red velvet cake," Joe Manganiello told us. Ryan Kwanten added:  It was tough; even in the table read when we knew that this character was going to go, there were tears galore."

This may or may not be a little clue, but in the live chat, the cast revealed that this season "takes a toll on the humans for sure." Could that mean that we are losing a human and not a vamp, werewolf, etc.? 

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Sookie's New Nookie: New castmember Rob Kazinsky plays Sookie's (Anna Paquin) faerie love interest, Ben Flynn, and based on what he told us about his role, their courtship could be a steamy one. "I was told that I'm the most naked character they've had over the course of one season," Kazinsky told our own Marc Malkin. Yowza, that is an impressive accomplishment. 

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Pam and Tara Sitting in a Tree: Kristin Bauer van Straten promised "a little something" between Pam and Tara (Rutina Wesley) this season. But don't get too excited, Tara-Pam shippers. "[Vampires are] in a bit of crisis this year, so the vampire relationships are developing and being challenged under fire. There isn't a ton of time for romance," she said.

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Bad Eric Is Back: During the HBO live chat, Skarsgård revealed that "the old Eric is pretty much back" in season six. "But the amnesia changed him fundamentally, and he'll always carry that experience within." Plus, get ready for undercover Northman! "Eric goes undercover in a scene in episode 602. Had a blast shooting that." We can't wait to see it.

What did you fangbangers think of the season-six premiere of True Blood? Everything you hungered for? Or are you still thirsty for more? Check back next week after the second episode for more scoop on what lies ahead!

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