Lisa Vanderpump is an expert when it comes to throwing a swanky shindig.

In addition to owning several restaurants, including Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills, the star has a published cookbook and her parties featured on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills always looks like a good time! Clearly, Vanderpump has endless advice when it comes to hosting fetes. So of course, when she shares her party-planning expertise we're happy to listen!

Lisa's sharing some of her best entertaining tips with us this month. And today's it's all about girls' night.

"It's nice to kick back and have girls over and have a drink," she explains. But the key to throwing a successful get-together is "keeping it simple."

For her that means margaritas and cauliflower pizza. Keep in mind that dinner always comes with a show. She recommends popping in "Steel Magnolias—a real feel good, girlie movie."

Want more insight from Lisa? We'll be featuring more entertaining advice from star, so check back for more party-perfect tips!

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