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    This Is the End: 5 Celebs You Want for the Apocalypse

    This is the End Sony Pictures Entertainment

    The end of the world as we know it feels more than fine if you party with James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jay Barachel, Craig Robinson, Danny McBride and a ton of other LA hipsters. After Seth picks up his old pal Jay at LAX (with the paparazzi taking notice) they eventually end up at Franco's cool pad. Then the rapture hits.

    Yep, This Is the End is a Bible-inspired cautionary tale about living the Hollywood life. While the good folks at a convenience store get zapped up to heaven via a blue beam, all the guests at Franco's get left behind.

    If you thought this would be so dumb it's funny, like Franco versus McBride in a filth-off funny, you'd be right. Monsters, bad CGI and plenty of decapitations give the whole thing a Bridesmaids: Bromance Version vibe, since all Jay really wants is to hang with his pal Seth without all these phony Hollywood types.

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    This is the funniest mainstream comedy since, well, that Kristen Wiig megahit hit. Like Bridesmaids, it's too long by about 15 minutes, but like that comedy the end brings an inspired pop band back to the stage, er, clouds.

    Save for an uninspired Jonah Hill exorcism skit (this ain't Scary Movie 6), End makes the most out of what most humans believe will be a really bad day. In the "end" it's all about who you choose for your alliance. With that in mind, we've chosen the 5 celebs you'd want to have for the Apocalypse:

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    This is the End Sony Pictures Entertainment

    1. James Franco: Stay at His Fortress of Celebritude. The whole cast does a terrific send-up of their star personas with Franco's "nothing I can't do" attitude being the tops. Turns out the director slash actor slash soap star slash Ph.D. professor also designs his own home in his spare time. Brick-by-brick.

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    This is the End Sony Pictures Entertainment

    2. Jonah Hill: Snuggleworthy Is Hill the nicest dude ever? Or is it all an act? Jay won't be fooled again. Jonah's motivational speeches (and earring) rock.

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    This is the End Sony Pictures Entertainment

    3. Emma Watson: She's Got Mad Spells Skills. Everyone's a fan of Hermione. Even McBride wants to know how those magical films of wonder were made. Just don't get on her bad side.

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    4. Seth Rogen: Man of Many Talents, Including That Weird Laugh For his first time directing, which encouraged much improv on set, This Is the End could have been a horrible carrer move for Rogen. Miraculously, Rogen keeps the laughs coming with inspired casting and the guts to just "go there."

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    This is the End Sony Pictures Entertainment

    5. Michael Cera: Cannon Fodder! How did this happen? How did George Michael become such a douche? Just look at those crazed bird eyes. Was it drinking, drugs and too much inappropriate behavior?…Watch out Rihanna! Don't watch out Cera!

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