Beyonce, Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli;

Apparently Roberto Cavalli isn't a big fan of Beyoncé's curves. 

The fashion house sent out a press release this morning showing an illustration of the vibrant cutout gown designed for her Mrs. Carter Show world tour with an obviously altered version of the star's signature physique. 

While the embellished dress was positively magnificent in all of its multicolored splendor, we couldn't help but notice that Jay-Z's ladylove looked superskinny in the sketch. 

Not only were her legs extremely elongated and thinned out, but her waist was teeny tiny, as were her dainty little arms. 

Um, where's the bootylicious babe we know and love?

A quick side-by-side comparison of the illustration and the star in real life shows a dramatic difference in how her hot bod really looks in person. Phew!

Hey, Roberto, we'll take curvy Bey any day!

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