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Lauren Conrad Covers Marie Claire, Opens Up About Boyfriend William

Lauren Conrad, Marie Claire Regan Cameron/Marie Claire

Lauren Conrad's come a long ways since her days on Laguna Beach and the Hills!

While she's definitely experimented with a few new looks—we're just crazy about her new bangs!—she's also evolved into quite the savvy business woman.

In between working on a clothing and bedding line for Kohl's, plus finishing up her latest book, the blond beauty somehow found the time to pose for Marie Claire's July issue, and to dish on her post-reality show life.

"It feels done for me," Conrad confessed to the glossy about her stint regularly hitting the clubs on her reality shows. "I'm OK with it being done…I destroyed my voice when I moved to L.A. There are polyps all over my vocal chords because I was in a lot of loud places. If you listen to the first episode of Laguna, my voice is completely different."

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And she's definitely found much more fruitful ways to spend her time, writing eight, yes eight!—books since ditching the club scene. 

"I only ever got to tell half of my story," Conrad said about launching a writing career. "People are very quick to judge these days, especially behind the anonymity of a screen name. It's very easy to say, ‘I hate her, I hate what she wore, she seems mean.' But you're only seeing a small fraction of her life."

But LC doesn't let the haters get her down!

"There is always gonna be a little bit of…negativity, which just comes with the territory," she explains. "You realize it doesn't matter. It's so simple, but it's a very hard lesson to learn. At the end of the day, it doesn't really affect you in any way."

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Lauren Conrad, Marie Claire Regan Cameron/Marie Claire

And judging from the way she speaks about boyfriend, William Tell, it doesn't hurt having someone in your life either.

"He is very good for me because we have a lot in common as far as where we grew up," she gushes. "It's the first time I'm with someone and I'm not explaining things. He also has experience in the entertainment industry, so he understands a lot of things that people don't always get."

Sounds like good match to us! 

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