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The Internship: 5 Ways the Google Comedy Crashes the System

The Internship Twentieth Century Fox

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are tired of jobs. They want a career. Plus, they just got laid off. After Billy (Vaughn) lands himself and Nick (Wilson) an internship at Google they're off and running. Except their rivals are nasty geeks like Graham (Max Minghella) and his British accent. Can these old timers reboot the newbies with out-of-the-box thinking? Like an app that instantly posts your pictures? (No, they don't know about Instagram.) Director Shawn Levy (Date Night) approaches the material as a kind of slobs vs. Jobs' OS. The result is not really that funny, but fortunately, you still want to root for Vaughn and Wilson. As are those Nooglers, once they start drinking. Check out these five results the Google comedy netted:

VIDEO: Owen Wilson talks bromance with Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn, The Internship 20th Century Fox

1. Vaughn and Wilson as Geezers: Last time they crashed a wedding together, now they're outmoded salesmen in an Amazon world. Vaughn still has that rat-a-tat patter. Wilson's still aw-shucks charming. Being fortysomething, they realize how obnoxious 20-year-olds are. Yet, the social network generation, apparently, can't do shots so there's that.  

VIDEO: Would Vince Vaughn work at Google?

The Internship Twentieth Century Fox

2. Drinks, Strip Clubs and Quidditch? The dork (Josh Brener), the cosplay gal (Tyra Sircar) and the rest of the geeks are annoyingly smart, and way more tolerable drunk. One of them even falls for a stripper (Jessica Szohr). Oh, and they're insanely competitive when they play real-life Quidditch. That snitch dude has the worst position ever, obviously.

VIDEO: Vince Vaughn at The Internship premiere

The Internship Twentieth Century Fox

3. More Heartwarming Than Old School Raunch: If the film had flashbacks, we bet Nick and Billy had the best of times, selling designer watches. (Note: This is not an endorsement for a prequel.) An early scene with Will Ferrell as a mattress store manager comes the closest to the bad humor we're used to. Overall, the tale of two dudes and their young mates' trek to becoming a great Google team feels like a coming-of-age tale led by a duo that have already aged quite a bit.

VIDEO: Owen and Vince reunite!

The Internship Twentieth Century Fox

4. Nooglers and All About Google's Workplace: After receiving their Noogler thinking caps, Nick and Billy are officially new Google peeps. Made with the full support of the giant search company the campus looks like the best place ever to work. Ever. Check out those happy Google-colored bicycles!

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The Internship Twentieth Century Fox

5. Rose Byrne Is a Cute Worker Bee: The uptight bridesmaid returns as Wilson's love interest. She's the kind of career gal that hates a slacker like him until a date that promises to cram 10 year's worth of bad dates makes him swoon-worthy. Rom-com for sure, but Rose Byrne sells it.

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