Sir Elton John

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Hey Nikita, Elton John just wants to play a concert.

The British singer is set to take the stage in the city of Krasnodar on July 14, but the leader of the local communist group wants to put a stop to it. The so-called Communists of Russia are protesting an upcoming concert for what they refer to as John's "homosexual lifestyle."

On Thursday, Mikhail Abramyan told RIA Novosti that John's concert outfits are "homosexual propaganda." Abramyan added that he wants the "Tiny Dancer" singer to don the traditional Cossack uniform of a "knee-length caftan, a fur hat and leather boots" instead.

Concert promoters have reportedly rejected the new outfit proposal, but Abramyan is threatening to lead a protest should the singer's concert continue on as scheduled.

This isn't the first such incident of Russian drama; last year Madonna was sued for "promoting gay rights" after her concert in St. Petersburg.

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