After making surprise appearances at sneak previews in Atlanta and Philadelphia earlier in the day, you can't blame Brad Pitt for being a little exhausted.

The Hollywood star turned up at a Chicago screening of World War Z Thursday evening a little out of breath from all the flying but absolutely psyched to introduce his forthcoming zombie apocalypse to an adoring Windy City crowd.

"We're really excited. I hope everyone has done their business and gotten their snacks because once this thing starts, it does not let up," a ponytailed Pitt told the audience amid shouts of "We love you, Brad!"

The 49-year-old actor plays Gerry Lane, an ex–U.N. worker who, in order to save his family and, ultimately, humanity from a spreading zombie epidemic, globe-trots around the world looking for a cure.

To hype the blockbuster, an adrenalized Pitt embarked on yesterday's whirlwind tour of special screenings, which started in the Deep South then took him to the Midwest. But he wasn't done yet. After Chicago, the thesp jetted to Austin, Texas, for his fourth and last screening of the day, where he was joined by Ain't It Cool News guru Harry Knowles.

Given the early positive reviews from critics, his timing couldn't be better. World War Z invades theaters on June 21.

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