Is Samuel L. Jackson gunning for Bryan Cranston's job on Breaking Bad?

Nope. Not even a little bit. But Jackson did just release a video in which he delivers a Walter White monologue. And we gotta say, it's pretty ah-mahzing!

And it's all in the name of charity. Last week, Jackson created a partnership with Prizeo to raise money for the Alzheimer's Association, pledging to recite any 300-word monologue of the donors' choosing (pitched via the Interwebs). On Friday, he performed the winning monologue an original composition in which Jackson vowed to give up acting for a life of badass crime-fighting.

But wait, there's more! Following the Kickstarter model, Jackson offered more benefits for more dollars. And halfway through the contest, he promised to record another monologue of his choosing if the donations broke $100,000. They did, and voilá! Jackson recorded his take of one of Breaking Bad's most memorable moments, the "I am the one who knocks" monologue from Walter White (Cranston).

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So who did it better? Compare for yourself, and make your Sophie's Choice...Just don't make us choose.

Breaking Bad Poster


Breaking Bad's final season of eight episodes launches Aug. 11 on AMC. The network also has released a new promo poster, with the final-season tagline, "All Good Things Must Come to an End."

And Spoiler Alert: We suppose we're gonna get weepy, too—based on what creator Vince Gilligan admitted at a panel of showrunners Tuesday night in Hollywood. "I haven't told my crew this," Gilligan said. "I actually cried writing the end – 'The end' on the last episode. I haven't since then."

Perhaps Sam Jackson can keep releasing more viral videos to help the show live on? Sigh. A fan can dream.

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