If you think Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are precious today, wait until you meet the teeny, elementary-school versions of them.

In the music video for "Everything Has Changed," a darling young girl with dirty-blond hair and curls (remember when Taylor had curls?!) experiences the simple joys of childhood alongside a precious ginger-haired boy (no VO5 wax needed just yet).

"I've been excited about this for a very long time," Taylor tweeted Thursday, linking to the video. "Now I get to share it with you"

Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran


In the clip, the tiny twosome play princess and knight, tell stories in a teepee, paint their faces crazy colors and dance in the empty school gym. At one point, Mini Ed reads a copy of The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks while Mini Taylor rests at his feet. (Hopeless romanticism starts early, you know!)

Then, toward the end of the supersweet video, the real T.Swift picks her child self up after school, while the grown version of Ed does the same. The two then exchange heart-melting gazes, smile and mosey on their separate ways.

Holy adorable.

Taylor Swift


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