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Two and Half Men's Holland Taylor Talks "Smart" Costar Charlie Sheen, "Charming" Ashton Kutcher

Charlie Sheen, Holland Taylor, Ashton Kutcher AP Photo; Getty Images; WireImage

Holland Taylor is sounding off on her Two and a Half Men pals Charlie Sheen and Ashton Kutcher.

In a new interview with Parade, the 70-year-old actress shares her thoughts on her two headline-making costars.

"Anybody who's spent time with Charlie likes him," Taylor gushed of Sheen, who played her son on the hit CBS show. "He's as smart a person as you'll ever find."

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When asked about some Sheen's not-so-smart decisions, Taylor said, "He grew up with a movie star father [Martin Sheen] who was gallivanting around the world. [Today] Martin is a big AA person and very public about it. But back in the day, Martin was a young, crazy, brilliant talent—always gone, always traveling, sometimes bringing his kids along."

"It was just a madhouse way [for Charlie] to grow up," she continued. "And then Charlie himself was a teenage movie star with hundreds of thousands of dollars in his pocket at any given moment. It sounds great to a lot of people, but it's not that easy to mature and to have a regular life."

As for Kutcher, Sheen's Two and a Half Men replacement, Taylor dished, "He's very charming. Very affable and smart. But I've hardly been exposed to him at all."

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Taylor also reveals that she "suffered depression" from her "early 40s into my mid-50s."

"[It was] bad enough for me to entertain the idea of going into a hospital. I actually wasn't a danger to myself, but I really sometimes wondered how I could get out of the house to go get food. I was on antidepressants for over 15 years, with very intermittent counseling. It was a very dead period of my life. Antidepressants take away the lows but they also reduce the highs. And for me, over a long period of time, they didn't really work. So I quit taking them, and my life has been afire since then."

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