Tim Tebow, Glenn Beck

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images; Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Is a media gig in Tim Tebow's future? Well, Glenn Beck certainly seems interested in giving the guy one.

After all, in the wake of the quarterback getting released by the New York Jets back in April, there's been no indication yet of him being linked to another NFL team.

"Hopefully, when he no longer has a job, we'll have enough money to be able to hire him do sports for the network," Beck said while appearing on Clear Channel Radio via Sports Grind. "Seriously, who else would hire him to do even sports? ESPN probably wouldn't hire him. Nobody's going to hire him. He's too controversial. And think of that. No one's going to hire him because he's religious? It's unbelievable."

Added Beck regarding the Christian athlete, "You could be a good guy, clean life, but be on the wrong side politically. And you're doomed."

Doomed? Somehow we think Tebow would beg to differ.

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