Graham Elliot, Masterchef


The contestants on MasterChef are all untrained home cooks, so in this week's episode, they're going to get schooled!

On tomorrow night's MasterChef, the top 18 cooks will face some of the most outspoken and pickiest judges yet: elementary-school kids. The challenge? Create a meal for over 300 children that is both delicious and healthy. Daunting task, no? We think James sums it up best when he says after learning about the challenge: "This is my nightmare. This is the day I die."

Also, judge Graham Elliot really got into the spirit of the school theme by dressing up as a bus driver and carting the contestants to the scene of the cooking challenge. Bless his heart. Check out his cute driving hat and try not to smile.

Watch the exclusive clip below to see the school challenge get underway!

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