Philadelphia news anchor Nicole Brewer's Twitter profile reads, "If it's a hot topic or happening in Philly, I want to know about it! Send me your ideas, then watch me weekdays on Eyewitness News!"

What her profile should more accurately read is, "Watch me catfight weekdays on Eyewitness News." Because here's a hot topic going down in Philly for ya, Nicole: You hate Carol the meteorologist.

After a recent bit of on air bitchery between former Miss Pennsylvania Nicole and CBS 3's weather lady for over two decades Carol Erickson—in which Carol called her coworker's praise "lackluster" and Nicole resisted the urge to yell, "Your mom is lackluster, Carol!"—AmazingLife247 mined the duo's equally turbulent past for this supercut.

The Philly Post labeled the video a "master class in highly public pass-aggressive behavior," but there's really nothing passive about Nicole's aggressiveness. Damn, can't Carol just give the seven day in peace, Brewer?

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