Michael Douglas

Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

Slip of the tongue or not, Michael Douglas is stepping out for a cure.

The Oscar-winning actor hit the red carpet for the One Centennial Sensation bash for the American Cancer Society in New York City on Monday night.

Douglas' appearance at the event, which also paid tribute to the late Broadway composer Marvin Hamlisch, came amid a debate about some eyebrow-raising statements he made suggesting that his throat cancer may have been caused by oral sex.

In a candid interview with the U.K.'s Guardian over the weekend, the Behind the Candelabra star noted his type of cancer "is caused by HPV [human papillomavirus] which actually comes from cunnilingus."

On Monday, his rep tried to walk back those comments a bit, suggesting Douglas was taken out of context and was only talking about the causes of his kind of oral cancer in general and "never made it personal."

For its part, the U.K. newspaper held fast to its interpretation and even posted an audio clip of the byte.

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