Michael Douglas, Jason Mecier Art

Courtesy: Jason Mecier

Check out this sweet new art piece of Michael Douglas as Liberace!

In celebration of the 68-year-old actor's hit TV movie Behind the Candelabra, artist Jason Mecier has debuted a new work of Douglas in character at the eccentric musician made entirely of Mike & Ike candies.

The portrait is made of over 4,000 Mike and Ikes and took over 40 hours to make.

It will be on display in the San Francisco art show "The Unusual Suspects" from Friday, Jun. 7 through Jun. 30, in case you want to see the art piece in person.

"It's a perfect movie," Mecier says of Behind the Candelabra. "I hope they all win Emmy Awards. I think it will be a new cult classic like Showgirls, Mommie Dearest and Magic Mike."

Just a few months ago, Mecier completed a similar portrait of Lindsay Lohan that was made entirely out of trash. And before that, he debuted a Mike & Ike work of Channing Tatum.

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