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Now You See Me: 5 Ways the Magic Feels Real

Now You See Me Summit Entertainment

Four master magicians are brought together for the ultimate initiation by someone even more cunning than themselves. Their goal: to become the world's biggest illusionists by stealing millions in plain sight. Out to nab them, an FBI Agent (Mark Ruffalo) and an Interpol detective (Mélanie Laurent). Are these stunts elaborate tricks or real magic? Do the audiences who catch all the free currency care? 

Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher and Dave Franco The Four Horsemen, each with their own special skill sets. Computer-generated FX add to the believability of the big showstoppers. Some of the smaller tricks impress with good old-fashioned sleight of hand. As a summer flick, we wish they stuck with the magic and cut down on the car chases (we already have Fast & Furious 6 for that!), but with a charming cast Now You See Me will keep you wondering just how they did that? Check out these five ways the flick impresses: 

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Now You See Me Summit Entertainment

1. And Now You Don't: Officer Rhodes (Ruffalo) really hates magic acts. Switching handcuffs on him only makes him angry. Avengers viewers know you don't want to see Ruffalo angry. 

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Now You See Me Summit Entertainment

2. That Opening Card Trick: The introduction of J. Daniels Atlas (Eisenberg) in Chicago is a skyscraper-size (for real, the John Hancock building) version of "pick a card, any card." What's cool is that as a viewer the card you pick ends up being the one. A forced hand? Perhaps, but impressive nonetheless.

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Now You See Me Summit Entertainment

3. The Big Magic Shows are the Highlights: A time-traveling Frenchmen, a rave party with a holographic light show and the best online banking surprise ever are the best moments. The wish-you-were-there feeling is palpable. Especially that online banking one.

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Now You See Me Summit Entertainment

4. Caine and Freeman as Frenemies: As Alfred and Fox both worked together to keep Bruce Wayne's secrets from coming out. Now Thadeus Bradley (Morgan Freeman) is out to debunk all of the Horsemen's tricks while the other is their financial backer, Arthur Tressler (Michael Caine).  

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Isla Fisher, Now You See Me Summit Entertainment

5. The Four Horsemen: Each magician has a special talent. Henley (Fisher) has knack for avoiding hungry piranhas, while Jack (Franco) can avoid pretty much everything else. Merritt (Harrelson) is a hustling hypnotist. Atlas' (Eisenberg) main talent seems to be witty comments.

And speaking of comments, are you planning on checking out Now You See Me? Have you seen it already? Sound off below!

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