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John Krasinsk,i Ben Stiller, Kristen Wiig, Busy Phillip

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images; Michael Kovac/WireImage; Dan Herrick/ZUMAPRESS.com

By now, you've certainly watched every episode of Arrested Development's fourth season on Netflix. If you haven't, you must have a job or children or a life of some kind. Loser!

If you've watched from beginning to end, you've no doubt noticed the plethora of cameos by celebrities both big and small, from movies and TV, that continually popped up in the storyline. We counted 20 good ones, and we've decided that John Krasinski was our favorite. Because he is flawless. And his hair is full of secrets. And his chest can tell when it's raining.

But we care more about your opinion. After watching all the episodes and experiencing all the celeb cameos, which one was your favorite? Take the poll below! And if we missed anyone, scroll on down to the comments and yell at us. It's one of the things you guys are best at.