Another week, another hilarious internet meme.

The latest viral video, Prancercise, won't just make you chuckle, it will help you slim down too. Or at least that's what the video's creator and star Joanna Rohrback claims.

The five-minute video (which already has over 2 million views on YouTube) features Joanna—clad in white leggings, a coral cardigan and gray ankle weights—demonstrating the wacky workout.

So what exactly is prancercising? It's part horse gallop, part skip, all hilarious.

Oh, and don't forget the flapping arm movements, which seem to be an essential part of the fitness routine's rhythm.

Sure, it seems like something small children might do at recess but you can't knock it until you try it, right? So, check out the latest workout, er, craze and see if you can keep a straight face.

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