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Real Housewives of New Jersey are back, people.

To adequately prepare for the fights, name-calling, erratic gesturing and even more fights that will start up on Sunday, we chatted with star Teresa Giudice about crying way too much this season, cleaning up after Hurricane Sandy and how the ladies stay "Jersey strong."

The premiere is so close! How are you feeling heading into the new season?
Teresa Giudice:
The season was definitely a roller coaster. Like you don't know what's going to happen next. It's definitely one you don't want to miss. I'm excited for it to start. I mean, I lived it and I'm curious to see how it's going to play out.

Are you nervous to see how your relationship with your husband or the other girls are going to play out on the screen?
There's the one incident and when I see it my heart gets beating again—when it's something I don't like to see—but I'm in a good place with my brother and his wife. But you'll see how it took a lot to get where we are now, so you'll see that play out throughout the season.

Would you say this season was more emotional for you than seasons in the past?
This was a very emotional season. I'm tired of crying, I'll have to say emotional, but also in a good place with myself. I started working out a lot and meditating, doing things for myself. So I was mentally in a good place. I just got over the whole thing–them being the whole show, how they came on the show behind my back, I was totally over that. This season's going to remind you more of season one, relating to me anyway, a lot of good times."

So your family's in a good place right now?
We've always been. Last season, my husband didn't like how my brother was treating me. That was a problem. So that was hard for him to deal with and for me to deal with. But we've all moved past that.

Was it hard to strike a balance this season between sharing so much of yourself and putting yourself out there and repairing? But also wanting to keep things private?
I put it all out there, you guys will see it. I think I've never cried so much! You'll definitely see another side of me. I didn't hold back, it was just put out there. I'm just a more private person because everyone has family issues, everyone. But in another aspect maybe I'll help other people get through things in their life—I look at it that way. Hopefully by me putting it out there it'll help another family get through things.

Your beach house was damaged in Hurricane Sandy. How are you recovering from the aftermath?
It was devastating when it first happened; very emotional when I went down the shore. I had tears in my eyes, I was crying. Look, I'm 40 years old. I've never seen any like this happen. People's homes were taken away. Thank God, it was a secondary home for me. People lost everything; it was devastating. It was really something I've never been through and it was hard going into it. I get choked up now talking about it because it was definitely not my primary home, but still it was devastating to see what others went through. I grew up on the Jersey shore; it was definitely sad. But we're Jersey strong, it's gonna be better, and you know what makes me happy? It's gonna be even better for my daughters, when it's their time to start going to the Jersey shore. Everything happens for a reason, gotta get up and rebuild and be stronger. And that's what we're doing. Definitely Jersey is doing that.

Watch a sneak peek from the season premiere below, where the housewives deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

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