Justine Bateman

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Education can sometimes take a backseat when growing up under the spotlight in Hollywood.

However, celebs still manage to get their degrees—even it takes them 10 years or they're one of the oldest (and most famous) graduates in a cap and gown. And now, 47-year-old actress Justine Bateman (yes, Jason Bateman's sister) is ready for the college experience.

Not only that, she's writing all about it.

The former Family Ties star began writing a blog on Tumblr. titled College Life, where she shares her experiences as a freshmen at UCLA, touching upon many things that anyone familiar with college life can relate to.

"Remind me to tell you about this sour girl I had to interact with in the discussion class of one of my classes the other day. F--king priceless. I have to wait until the quarter's over, though. Because class," she wrote.

Bateman also discussed the idea of "15 minutes," possibly tying it back into the idea of "15 minutes of fame," because, well, it makes sense for her to. And this time around, she views it very differently.

"I was just thinking about 15 minutes and what can you do in 15 minutes and I realized, when I'm in an exam and the time is ticking, I can get from an 'F' to a 'B' in 15 minutes, MoFo."

Atta girl!

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