Curt Buthman

Jumbotron, schmumbotron. Why propose using a platform that only a few hundred sports fans can witness when you can use Twitter and let the whole world see (and retweet).

Curt Buthman, a business consultant and believer in all good things, proposed to his girlfriend, Marsha Collier, a prolific author, using 140 characters and a hashtag.

While Marsha was hosting a Twitter chat under the hashtag #custserv, Curt chimed in with this tweet: "@marshacollier I love you! ‪#WillYouMarryMe 

So what inspired the unconvential (and, in Curt's worlds, "epic") propsal? They met on Twitter! As for the ring, it's not from Macy's, despite the product placement. "The ring was a family heirloom, it wasn't from Macys, that was the handy box," Curt later explained (duh, the proposal was sponsored by #custserv, not Macy's).

And the groom had more than just a little bling to give his future wifey, later tweeting, "I gave ‪@MarshaCollier +K about Social Media on ‪@klout"

Aw, romance

The couple will get married on Skype and honeymoon in the sunsets of Instagram.

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