Charleston Restaurants & Bars, FIG, Husk

Courtesy: FIG; Husk

"Sorry, but we're fully committed for tonight." Maybe you've heard that vaguely patronizing gem when trying to book a top table at a hot restaurant in NYC or L.A. But there's a new U.S. city that will have you humbly vying for a seat on a Saturday night: Charleston, South Carolina.

That's right, Charleston's buzzy food scene is only heating up, grabbing major media attention and praise from locals and meal-minded tourists alike.

Locally sourced ingredients are the name of the game at FIG, whose chef Mike Lata picked up the James Beard award for best chef of the Southeast in 2009. That prize's 2010 winner Sean Brock is behind McCrady's, in a national landmark building, and Husk, which has a sprawling porch and hipster-friendly adjacent bar.

Find out where else to go in Charleston right now!

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