Courtney Love

Diane Cohen/FameFlynet Pictures

Rock star problems…

You'd think Courtney Love would have a Rolodex filled with contacts to call when she's in a bind, but apparently you'd be wrong. The former Hole frontwoman was in search of a female bassist and decided to place an ad on Craigslist, she revealed to Bust magazine.

"I put an ad on Craigslist that said, 'Band in the style of Hole looking for bassist in the style of Melissa Auf der Maur," she told the mag. "I got exactly one response. There's just not a lot of chick bass players."

Love has put together a new band called, what else, Courtney Love, and is slated to hit the road with a summer tour shortly.

"My name symbolizes a lot of things, and I have to sit in these rooms with lawyers and be called a 'brand' often, so I was just like, '[Bleeping] name it after me! I don't care.'"

Meanwhile, Love is currently still the only female in her group. It looks like her Craigslist attempt wasn't nearly as successful as she would've liked.

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