Rihanna, Instagram


Rihanna Instagrammed a picture of herself on stage during a concert. Oh, and she's on fire.

But don't take our word for it. Look for yourself!

Alongside the picture, Ri-Ri simply wrote, "#DIAMONDSWORLDTOUR" (Translation: Diamonds world tour, the tour the pop star is currently on that most recently stopped in Portugal.)

The photo was taken during a performance of her song "Jump," though a more appropriate song name would be, "Stop! Drop! And Roll, Bitch, You're on Fire!" (Just kidding, it's concert pyrotechnics creating the illusion that she is engulfed in flames).

In unrelated news, Amanda Bynes recently lashed out at Rihanna on Twitter, calling her (f)ugly. This is unrelated because Rihanna is not actually on fire. There is no need to round up a list of potential suspects.

"Did you have any enemies who would light you on fire?" a detective won't ask Ri-Ri.

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