Free Amanda T-Shirt, Amanda Bynes

We're not sure what exactly Amanda Bynes needs to be freed from, as she's not in jail (yet) and doesn't think she ever will be ("My lawyer is getting my case dropped!"). But you can now buy a "Free Amanda" T-shirt anyway!

The shirt, by Christopher Lee Sauvé and sold on, retails for $18.00 and features a photo of Amanda Bynes and Amanda Bynes' wig in court after her arrest.

It's also much certainly kinder than the "Free Britney" T-shirt was.

Here are some things Amanda Bynes should be free to do:

1. Have a long and wonderful career as a singer/rapper/nose job aficionado.

2. Attend gymnastics classes without getting kicked out.

3. Have her vagina murdered.

4. Confuse a vase for a bong. And a bong for a vase.

5. Twerk.

Either way, we'll wait for the T-shirt that says, "You're No Beauty Queen! I'm a Beauty Queen!"

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