Lena Dunham

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

For some folks, Girls creator Lena Dunham is one girl that has a little growing up to do.

"Happy Memorial Day! I've already peed in two different Starbucks bathrooms!" the 27-year-old tweeted on Monday.

However, the mention of the holiday and urine in the same sentence clearly riled a few conservatives.

Blogger and frequent Fox News guest Michelle Malkin tweeted: @lenadunham What a rude, classless ingrate you are."

And Jim Treacher of The Daily Caller wrote, "Don't blame her. She literally doesn't know any better. It's not her fault."

Meanwhile, Noel Sheppard posed this question on the conservative site NewsBusters: "What is it about liberal disdain for America's most-revered national holidays?"

Dunham later returned to Twitter and said, "Just an FYI to conservative dudes tweeting hate at me: 'I hope  you get breast cancer' is way more offensive than anything I've ever written.'"

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