Lisa Vanderpump

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Can you remember the most amazing meal you ever ate in your life? Lisa Vanderpump can, and it has us drooling and wanderlusting madly.

"It would be difficult to narrow it down because I'm a really foodie, but I would say a truffle pasta at La Colombe d'Or in the south of France," she told us.

La Colombe d'Or is a century-old property near Cannes with a famed restaurant and hotel whose facade includes stones from an old castle—and which is filled with an impeccable art collection including pieces from the likes of Matisse and Picasso, who paid for room and board with their works.

And the Real Housewives star tells us her experience with the decadent dish was not merely a one-time deal, but a recurring luxury. "I love truffles. I'm a big truffle fanatic. With my husband, I would go every week," she says. "The restaurant prides itself on pretty much having the same menu for years. It's just a gorgeous experience. They have a beautiful, romantic garden. You have to check it out!"

For those of us for whom checking it out isn't exactly a feasible add to the summer calendar, she had some thoughts on recreating her favorite meal at home. "It's really so easy to make," she says, "It's expensive, it's decadent. Tagliolini pasta, some fresh truffles, a little bit of salt, a little Parmesan—and bingo. It's really exotic."

She added an option for the budget minded among us—along with a nod to her current brand partnership. "If you get the chance, do it with fresh truffles. But if you don't want to spend too much money, you could use truffle oil and I Can't Believe It's Not Butter."

That does it. We're starving—and packing for a fabulous trip to France. Au revoir!

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