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How did Tony Hale get back into his Buster Bluth character after seven years away from the hooked-handed one? With a little help from mom, of course.

"To get back into [character] was actually hard at first, but then I heard Jessica Walters voice…that condescending, abusive voice for Buster, and it just clicked," he tells us.

The Bluth family returns this Sunday with all-new episodes only on Netflix, and it sounds like Buster will still be a one-woman man. Not with Lucille 2 (Liza Minnelli), but with his mommy dearest.

"Buster will never grow up. Buster will be 80 and will still be probably 28," he says with a laugh. "Totally living for mom. That's all he cares about."

To be fair, Hale did say it was "thrilling" to work with Minnelli again. "I love that woman," he gushes.

To hear more from Tony Hale and producer Brian Grazer about the new season, watch our exclusive interviews below!

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