A TIME FOR GIVING: Friday night's unprecedented all-star telethon earning more than $150 million, organizers said Monday. The telecast, which aired on nearly three dozen networks, pulled in 89 million viewers for at least some portion of the telecast. By comparison, President Bush's Thursday speech to Congress drew 82.1 million.

AND NOW, THE CD: Organizers already scurrying to put together a CD featuring music from Friday's telethon, which could be out in a matter of weeks, the New York Daily News reports. Artists performing at the benefit are reportedly waiving their royalty fees so all proceeds can go to the United Way's September 11 Fund.

TAKING IT ON THE CHIN: Tonight Show host Jay Leno announcing that he will present a free show at the MGM Grand Saturday at 10 p.m., in an attempt to encourage Americans to travel to Las Vegas. Leno will perform at the 1,700-seat EFX Theatre. "All I ask is that you tip your waiters and waitresses," he said.

HELPING HIS DOMAIN: Jerry Seinfeld announcing plans for a Carnegie Hall comedy benefit on October 8, featuring Saturday Night Live's Will Ferrell, Colin Quinn and a special guest appearance by Bill Cosby.

GET TO KNOW 'EM: CBS on Tuesday officially announcing the names of participants in Survivor: Africa. And yes, it's the same list that was previously leaked to the media. Contestants include a bartender from Dallas and a goat farmer from Rich Valley, Virginia. The third installment debuts October 11 at 8 p.m.

BACK TO THE BEACH? Producers of Survivor 4 reportedly ditching plans to film in the Middle Eastern country of Jordan in the wake of the terrorist attacks. CBS refuses to comment, but producers are said to be considering Tahiti instead.

SURVIVOR ADD: Former contestant Michael Skupin, who was severely burned during shooting of Survivor: The Australian Outback, experiencing another close call Sunday when his twin-engine plane made a crash landing along the Lake Michigan shoreline. He and his wife and daughter escaped serious injury.

SURVIVOR ADD 2: A judge in Newport, Rhode Island, sentencing original Survivor winner Richard Hatch to one year's probation for assaulting a former lover. Hatch called the judge's ruling "ludicrous" and said he plans to appeal.

HASTA LA VISTA, NICKELS: Arnold Schwarzenegger suing a gaming company for $20 million after it allegedly marketed slot machines featuring Ah-nuld's voice and likeness. International Game Technology reportedly received permission for a Terminator slot machine, but not for one specifically featuring Schwarzenegger, the lawsuit claims.

GOD BLESS THIS PIE, MRS. ROBINSON: American Pie star Jason Biggs officially set to star opposite Kathleen Turner in the Broadway adaptation of the 1967 film, The Graduate. Alicia Silverstone is set to play Turner's daughter in the production.

A VERY BRADY WEST WING: Gary Cole and Shelley Long reprising their big-screen roles as Mike and Carol Brady for the upcoming Fox TV movie, The Brady Bunch in the White House, Daily Variety reports.

DEAR DIARY: Fox launching an interactive diary to run alongside its new nighttime soap Pasadena. Starting September 28, the pasadena-tv.com site will feature new entries from "Jennie's Video Journal" that aren't seen during the episodes.

STILL CARE? American songwriters and music publishers reaching a preliminary agreement with Napster to settle the class-action lawsuit currently pending in California federal court. Under the deal, songwriters and music publishers will license their music to Napster's new membership-based service.

MR. DREYFUSS' OPUS: CBS' The Education of Max Bickford scoring decent grades with viewers Sunday, as the new Richard Dreyfuss drama won the 8 p.m. hour with 17.9 million viewers. NBC also performed admirably with its highlight reel, averaging 11.8 million viewers for 50 Years of NBC Late Night.

GONE COUNTRY: The Country Music Hall of Fame welcoming 12 new inductees on October 4, including Waylon Jennings, Bill Anderson, Sam Phillips, The Delmore Brothers, The Everly Brothers, Don Gibson, Homer and Jethro, the Jordanaires, Don Law, the Louvin Brothers, Ken Nelson and Webb Pierce.

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