Grammy head honcho Michael Greene is reportedly being accused of sexual harassment by a female executive. The ironic part? Accuser Jill Marie Geimer is head of the department that was organized to prevent sexual harassment in the wake of earlier charges of sexual harassment against Greene.

And you thought it was just the Grammys themselves that were repetitive.

Geimer, 30, took charge of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences' human resources department last year. According the Los Angeles Times, her attorney sent a nine-page letter on July 25 to the nonprofit organization, accusing the 52-year-old Greene of sexual harassment and battery against Geimer.

Greene is no stranger to controversy. He has run a gauntlet of similar charges over the years and was also investigated for financial impropriety. Some of the complaints were settled out of court. Four years ago an internal inquiry stated that Greene was clean, but installed the human resources department to monitor any potential harassment cases. Three years ago, New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani banned the Grammy ceremony from the Big Apple, following a complaint by one of his deputies that Greene had threatened her life.

Geimer's letter accuses Greene of hiring her "to facilitate having a personal relationship with her." Although her job was to monitor Greene's behavior towards his employees she admits she was "inexplicably" drawn by Greene into a relationship that soon turned abusive.

Her letter cites a hand-up-the-skirt assault in a restaurant parking lot and a fight in the office after she had mentioned complaints against him from other employees. He allegedly dragged her in his bathroom, pinned her against the sink and threatened her job. She claims she walked out after another such physical fight during which he called her "a slut."

Calls to Greene's office for comment were not returned Tuesday. However, his lawyer, Bert Deixler, told the Times that Greene never had a sexual relationship with Geimer and they portrayed her as a problem employee ambitious for money, promotion and romance.

"Mike Greene never touched her. Many of these events could not have physically taken place," he said. "Jill Geimer was going to lose her job so she fabricated these allegations."

The lawyers also showed the Times excepts of emails from Geimer praising Greene during the time she now charges he attacked her. The lawyers also said Greene had actually doubled Geimer's salary from $65,000 to $120,000 and expanded her duties. He sent her a memo in March promising her a title promotion and further salary boost to $130,000 and a $20,000 bonus due in July. But that didn't happen.

Geimer, who is now represented by feminist attorney Gloria Allred, has been on medical disability leave for stress and depression since July. She was not available for comment and a call to Allred's office Wednesday was not returned. But Allred told the Times, "It is very distressing to her to learn that her employer is now resorting to attempts to destroy her reputation."

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