Bang, bang, Maxwell's hammered Now That's What I Call Music! 7 out of the number one slot.

The 28-year-old Brooklyn soul singer, who's also making waves on the R&B radio charts with his new single, "Lifetime," saw his Now dethrone Now! 7 from its three-week reign on the album charts. Maxwell's fourth album sold 296,000 copies for the week ended Sunday, according to SoundScan data.

Cash Money rapper Juvenile, the New Orleans-bred artist best known for the booty anthem "Back that Azz Up," scored the second highest bow with Project English entering at number two and selling more than 213,000.

Now! 7 registered at number three, followed by Alicia Keys' Songs in A Minor and 'N Sync's Celebrity at four and five, respectively. Both Keys and 'N Sync are scheduled to perform live at the MTV Music Awards next week. The remaining top 10, all holdovers, consisted of the Isley Brothers' Eternal at six, Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory at seven, Usher's 8701 at eight, Staind's Break the Cycle at nine and Jennifer Lopez' J.Lo in the ten spot.

The untimely death of Aaliyah in a plane crash Saturday led to a noticeable jump in sales. Her self-titled third album jumped 18,000 copies from the previous week, climbing eight spots to number 19. Expect an even larger increase in the coming week.

Elsewhere on the charts, heavy rockers Adema--fronted by Marky Chavez, half-brother of Korn frontman Jonathan Davis--made a significant bow at number 27 with their eponymous disc. Just Be Free, a collection of early demo tracks by Christina Aguilera, landed at number 71 despite much effort from the drama queen to prevent the album's release.

Other notable debuts included Non-Stop '90s Rock (featuring groups like Counting Crows, Marcy's Playground and the Gin Blossoms) at number 83, Mark Wills' Loving Every Minute at 93, Tigres Del Norte's Uniendo Fronteras at 116, the Christian pop group FFH with Have I Ever Told You at 125 and the Rollins Band's Nice at 178.

Watch for several new bows next week, including Afroman's The Good Times and Brian McKnight's Superhero and the likely chart-topper, Slipknot's sophomore album, Iowa.

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