DreamWorks already has Leonardo DiCaprio and Steven Spielberg signed up for its real-life crime caper feature and would-be blockbuster Catch Me If You Can. What more could the studio want?

How about Tom Hanks?

The Cast Away star is being wooed big-time by the studio for the project, which tells the story of James Abagnale Jr., a chameleon-like crook who successfully posed as a doctor, a Pan Am copilot (flying thousands of miles for free), a stock broker, a history professor, a pediatrician (where he ran a pediatric wing in a hospital) and an assistant attorney general, while writing more than $2.5 million in fraudulent checks in all 50 states and 26 foreign countries.

With DiCaprio on board as Abagnale and Spielberg directing, Daily Variety reports Hanks is in talks to play straight-laced G-man Joe Shaye, the man who tracks Abagnale down.

That's quite an about face from Hank's next on-screen incarnation as a gangster in American Beauty director Sam Mendes' The Road to Perdition. Hanks plays Al Capone's head hit man, Michael O'Sullivan, aka "The Angel of Death," in Depression-era Chicago.

Considering how close Spielberg and Hanks are--in addition to being off-screen pals, they worked together in Saving Private Ryan and coproduced HBO's upcoming Band of Brothers miniseries--it would seem a good bet for DreamWorks to get its man.

Shooting on Catch Me If You Can is expected to get underway in early January.

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