Yahoo Buys Tumblr for $1.1 Billion: We Pick Our 8 Favorite Tumblrs Featuring Kittens, GIFs and More

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Tumblr, Yahoo
Tumblr, Yahoo

Yahoo has officially purchased Tumblr for $1.1 billion, following weeks of speculation. Which may seem like a lot of money, but when you break down the numbers, it's like 10 cents per GIF. Quite the bargain!

For Tumblr users worried that this acquisition will affect their ability to reblog porn, GIFs of Justin Bieber and sassy observations about...nothing, keep clicking away as usual. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has promised "not to screw it up."

Meanwhile, Tumblr CEO David Karp, penned an observational letter explaining that "both our logos end with punctuation!" and signed off "F--k yeah." The "I'm rich, bitch" part was only implied.

E! is on Tumblr too! Check out our celeb-packed page and start reblogging!

Now, behold, our 8 favorite Tumblrs in no particular order:

Aziz Is Bored, Tumblr

Aziz Is Bored: The Parks and Recreation funnyman has mastered comedy on another medium: His Tumblr page features childhood pictures (aww!), screenshots of funny text conversations (the emoji remix of "N---as in Paris" FTW) and even step-by-step recipes (who knew?).

#whatshouldwecallme, Tumblr

#whatshouldwecallme: The ultimate Tumblr for college kids procrastinating on a term paper, this page pairs up a random GIF with an appropriate situation, usually involving college life, drinking or trying and failing at dieting.

Reasons My Son Is Crying, Tumblr

Reasons My Son Is Crying: It's...well, it's what the title says. Parents submit pictures of their children crying to showcase the "many many completely logical reasons that children cry." (Surprise cameo by Bill Murray! Waaaaaah!)

hitRECord Joe, Tumblr

hitRECord Joe: A look inside the mind of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, this Tumblr is compiled of shots of JGL out and about, videos and articles he finds interesting and, yes, just enough hipster twee romance stuff that you know this is the Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

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Maru the Cat, Tumblr

Maru the Cat: Who doesn't love cats? We'll tell you someones who loves cats: The Internet. And Tumblr is no exception. This Tumblr serves up your daily dose of the "Internet's favorite cat." Go ahead, we dare you not to reblog Maru. We double cat dare you.

Texts From Dog, Tumblr

Texts From Dog: "My dog sends me texts. I post them here. Yeah. It's weird," this Tumblr explains. Dog owners will relate.

Reality TV GIFs, Tumblr

Reality TV GIFs: Fueled by the lifeblood of the Real Housewives and an endless supply of chardonnay, this Tumblr is (surprise!) just GIFs of reality TV stars. And there's a GIF for every occasion here. Especially if you're in a catfight. Or drunk.

But You're Like Really Pretty, Tumblr

But You're Like Really Pretty: No celebrity is safe in this webcomic by Ryan Casey. Not Britney Spears, not Rihanna and definitely not Miley Cyrus. The absolutely scathing take on all things celebrity proves once and for all stars really aren't like the rest of us. Can you poop diamonds? Gwyneth Paltrow can according to BYLRP.

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