Mila Kunis

Dan Steinberg/AP Photo

Surely there's an Oz the Great and Powerful joke here somewhere.

It seems out of all the lovely ladies in Hollywood, the one that most adult movie fans would like to see in a porno flick is none other than Mila Kunis.

At least that's according to the latest (and NSFW) Sex Tracker survey from and Vivid Entertainment.

Of course, this is the very same survey which, just last month, found Jennifer Lawrence on top.

This time around, though, the Oscar winner slipped to second with about 23 pecent of the vote compared to the 38 percent craving Kunis.

Other gals who eventually may come from behind in future polls include Sofia Vergara (15 percent), Angelina Jolie (13 percent) and Selena Gomez (just under 10 percent).

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