Likeii, Screenshots

If you learned everything you know about wine from Sideways—and thus have a general sense that merlot is reprehensible and that's about it—there's a new tool in town to help you select some great sips in a more informed way.

The wine website Likelii just released a new engine that makes it super easy to find the bottles you're likely to enjoy, based on your tastes. And it's got a really fun, simple interface. (We tried it. Easy peasy!)

Just answer a series of quick, non-head-scratching questions that tell the engine about your palate—how do you like your coffee? What's your favorite type of fruit? And like magic, the genie in the Internet interprets what it learned about you and spits out recommendations based on your personal tastes.

It's kind of like the Pandora of wine. Or maybe more like Netflix—because you can create a queue of bottles to try, and Likelii will ship them right to your door.

Matter of fact, there's an idea: We think Sideways from Netflix and a bottle of recommended wine from Likelii pair well for an excellent, hassle-free date night at home!

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