Kate Bosworth isn't one to necessarily fall for her director. But this time around, it just couldn't be helped.

Appearing on Thursday night's Chelsea Lately to hype her latest flick, Black Rock, the 30-year-old actress spilled to Chelsea Handler on her relationship with indie auteur Michael Polish, whom she got engaged to last year.

"By the way, they're very, very in love…so it's very sweet. Because you met him on a set, right?" asked the funnylady.

"We did…we worked together on a movie called Big Sur," revealed Bosworth. "I fell in love with him as an artist. He's really one of the best directors I've ever worked with, and [I] realized I didn't want to spend a moment away from him. And that was a little bit different than most director relationships…and so that was it."

When asked who owned up to their feelings first, the blond beauty said that "it was pretty mutual recognition" on both their parts. 

"There was penetration everybody," joked Handler.

"There was not a choice," confessed Bosworth.

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