Anna Faris

Laura Cavanaugh/FilmMagic

Motherhood has impacted Anna Faris.

The actress, who will be starring in the new CBS comedy Moms, spoke to E! News during the network's upfronts last night in New York, and gave a sweet (for the most part) update on her precious son, Jack.

"He's great, thanks. He's eight months old and he's getting to that adorable stage where he makes funny noises and lights up when you walk in the room," Faris told Kristin Dos Santos, before adding, "He has a weirdly huge head."

She didn't specify if she meant physically or just his ego, but with parents like Faris and Chris Pratt, the latter isn't so far-fetched.

Speaking of her hubby, Anna is ready to become her signifcant other's TV rival, since Pratt currently also takes on a comedic role on the show Parks and Recreation.

"Well, you know what, we [she and costar Allison Janney] are just gonna have to step it up and I'm gonna have to bring home a lot of bacon, I guess. I gotta pull my weight," she told us.

Let the competition begin!

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