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David Beckham announced his retirement from soccer on Thursday.

So once the 38-year-old athlete finishes up this season with his Paris Saint-Germain teammates, he's hanging up his cleats. Meaning? Victoria's man is going to have some extra time on his hands.

And without the pressures that come with being a professional athlete, this hunky father of four will have the time to pursue some other career paths. Considering Becks could do, well, pretty much anything, we've narrowed it down to the top five jobs we think he should consider.

1. Full-Time Underwear Model: This one's almost too obvious. The world's gotten a few good glimpses of David's sexy behind in H&M spots, (and he can confirm that is his bum and not a butt double's, thank you very much). But a few promo spots and larger than life cardboard cutouts of David's body leave us wanting more. Obviously every underwear producer on planet earth would be clamoring to hire him full-time. And if David felt daring, he could always take it to the next level and grace us with some tasteful nude shots. His nickname is Golden Balls

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2. Fashion Designer: David helped design some of those H&M undies, plus he's already got a perfume out. And while we'd obviously rather see him without any at all, the clothes David wears always look good, whether he's steaming up a red carpet or running a quick errand with the kids. The man has an eye for style! Plus, Posh can show him the ropes in the fashion biz!  First there was a Victoria line. Now, isn't it time for David?

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3. Sports Commentator: So he obviously knows a thing or two about soccer. But David and the fam have also had courtside seats to their fair share of Lakers games. He even starred in an NFL promo with Rob Riggle last year, poking fun at the fact that to Americans football is Tim Tebow and pigskin while to the rest of the world it's what we call soccer. Point is, he's open to all sports! And we just need to hear the game recaps in that English accent!

PHOTO: How adorable are David and little Harper?

4. Actor: Remember Bend It Like Beckham? The 2002 film based on just the concept of David? He wasn't even in the movie, but his namesake drew in audiences around the world. Just imagine if Becks actually involved himself in a project. He's clearly got the looks and the charm to make it in the industry. And who wouldn't want to see him on the silver screen?

PHOTO: Another precious pic of David and Harper

Romeo Beckham, David Beckham, Cruz Beckham, Brooklyn Beckham, Victoria Beckham

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5. Reality Star: Don't even try and pretend you wouldn't wanna see this. Daddy David helping Brooklyn with his homework? Giving Cruz advice on how to get the girls? Kicking around a soccer ball with Romeo in the backyard? And just—well, any time he dotes on baby Harper? A Beckham reality show would have an instant cult following. Plus, just imagine seeing Victoria chillin' in sweatpants and no makeup drinking a cup o' tea. Emmy worthy,  right?

Well, as David himself said in a Facebook post this morning, he's "starting a new adventure" and "genuinely excited about what lies ahead." No matter what he ends up doing, his future will be bright!

PHOTOS: Enjoy these shirtless shots of Becks!

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