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    Allure Defends Zoe Saldana Weight Reveal Cover, Other Media Outlets Sound Off

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    Zoe Saldana, Allure Magazine
    Zoe Saldana, Allure Magazine Tom Munro for Allure

    A woman's weight is a sensitive topic, so it's no surprise that when Allure magazine revealed Zoe Saldana's number—"115 pounds of grit and heartache"—on their June cover, it quickly became the most buzzed-about story of the week. 

    The bold statement caused a stir among numerous media outlets, adding fuel to the fire that Hollywood is obsessed with being thin.

    So how does Saldana feel about all of this controversial attention amidst the highly anticipated opening of her just-released film, Star Trek Into Darkness? 

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    She's making light of it.

    "I think it would have been wrong if they were lying about my weight. This is how much I weigh, it's something I can't control, it's who I am. I've always been a very thin frame, I was a ballet dancer," she explained to Savannah Guthrieduring an interview on Today. "I don't think it was to make an issue of my weight. I think it was to say for a lightweight person, I seem to be really strong-minded."

    Sounds like a healthy attitude to us!

    NEWS: Zoe Saldana's weight revealed on Allure cover 

    Here's what others had to say:

    Allure issued an official statement on their Facebook page Wednesday afternoon in defense of their cover line: "The girl is a powerhouse. And we were so impressed by what a tough, confident woman Saldana is (on-screen, in her action-movie roles, and off) that we wanted to capture that."

    In a recent on-air interview with ABC News, Hollywood Life's Bonnie Fuller said, "I really think the editors were setting out to be complimentary. They wanted to show that a woman could be small in size, but powerful in spirit."

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    On the other side of the fence, Yahoo's omg! berated the beauty magazine, stating, "Every time we seem to be making progress in the way women are portrayed in magazines, somehow we take a step back," before later concluding that "the decision to showcase Saldana's digits seems so…unnecessary."

    Also in agreement, New York mag's The Cut ran an article insisting that the much-debated issue proved to be "several hundred pages of possibly decent editorial content, overshadowed by a stupid cover line," later stating that it was "bizarre and necessary."

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    What do you think of Allure's decision to print Zoe Saldana's weight on the cover? Tell us in the comments below!

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