Miley Cyrus, Twit Pic


Miley Cyrus is doing her best Elvis Presley impersonation in her latest twitpic—and not just when it comes to her adorable little lip curl.

You know how the King loved his jewelry in his later years.

The 20-year-old chose to sport the rock she received from Liam Hemsworth in a new twitpic that she posted late last night. A source told E! News last week that the couple's engagement remains very much on.

@vij_photo @richken4 Photo #gorg," she tweeted a few hours before revealing she was at a late-night studio session with "#yalldontevenknowww," she promised.

Miley did tweet, however, that we'll be finding out "a LIL sum" at Thursday's Billboard Music Awards, dropping a hint about a "Singgggg....llllleeeee........."

Why, whatever could she mean by that?!

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