Kerry Washington is a jack of many trades: She is a talented actress, both dramatic (Django Unchained) and comedic (Peeples). She is so beautiful that sometimes it hurts our eyes looking at her. She's sleeps with the president better than anyone else we know (well, on Scandal, at least).

And, damn, that girl can dance.

And now Ms. Washington has brought the song in her heart and the rhythm in her feet to The Ellen Degeneres Show, where she partook in a round of dance charades. Important breaking news: We can confirm that, yes, Olivia Pope is more than just an amazing arm dancer. She's an amazing everything dancer.

As a refresher, here is what Kerry W. is capable of while sitting down:

Your faves could never arm dance this fiercely! Go Kerry, go Kerry:

That's all. Back to your business. Just remember Kerry Washington is better than everyone.

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