Tim McGraw

Chris McKay/WireImage

Dear Channing Tatum: Tim McGraw needs to be in the next Magic Mike movie. Thanks.

The country crooner revealed his weapons of mass destruction during the Atlanta stop on his Two Lanes of Freedom Tour on Sunday, stripping down to a white tank on stage and showing off some serious, bulging biceps.

Oh, Faith Hill, you, lucky, lucky lady.

Between his ripped bod, a pair of tight jeans and his staple cowboy hat, it would be understandable if fans had a hard time focusing on the 46-year-old father of three's songs.

"It just sort of exudes this sense of freedom," McGraw said of his tour, "and exudes this sense of rebelliousness a little bit, and the record itself has this optimistic sort of sense to it, and I think that's what the record itself feels like to me and I want the tour to feel that way, too."

And by freedom, rebelliousness and optimism, the singer meant intense sex appeal.


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