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    Australia Has an Egg Sandwich That Costs $120

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    Egg Sandwich
    Egg Sandwich iStockphoto

    Here are a couple of things worth noting: Sydney has a Bacon Week. During Bacon Week (May 12-19, book your flights immediately) restaurant 4Fourteen will add a special celebratory menu item. It is an egg sandwich. It costs $120. That's one hundred and twenty dollars.

    (Note: The sandwich pictured here is not the $120 egg sandwich. That sandwich can be viewed here. This is just a regular old egg sandwich. Garbage in comparison, really.)

    So what does a $120 egg sandwich consist of?

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    • Award-winning bacon from meat specialists in Mackay, Queensland (though, really, all bacon should win an award just for being bacon)

    • Pan-fried duck egg

    • Semi-dried and smoked gourment truss tomatoes

    • Duck foie gras

    • Caviar

    • Crème fraîche

    • Shaved truffles

    • English cheddar

    All served on a brioche bun. Which sounds...disgusting. Just kidding! Kinda! 4Fourteen head chef, Carla Jones, who concocted it, won't be eating it though, explaining,  "I reckon some people will buy it just to see what it's like. I'm not sure I'd eat it—I'm not that into truffles and stuff like that."

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    Taco Bell, Instagram Instagram

    Elsewhere in the world of gourmet cuisine, something a bit more in our wheelhouse: Taco Bell is releasing a Waffle Taco.

    Currently served from 7 a.m to 11 a.m., the Waffle Taco is not really a taco at all, but a waffle wrapped around a sausage patty and scrambled eggs that has the general shape of a taco.

    Currently, it is being tested in areas of Southern California, presumably preceding a global launch takeover.

    It costs $0.89.

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