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Terrence Jenkins' Road to Shirtless: 5 Exercises for Amazing Arms

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Terrence Jenkins
Terrence Jenkins Courtesy: Jeanette Jenkins

It's week three in our Terrence Jenkins' Road to Shirtless fitness series and this time it's all about amazing arms.

Just follow trainer Jeanette Jenkins' five tips for working out your biceps, triceps and other arm muscles and you'll be looking sexy for summer in no time!

Try these five arm exercises in a circuit of three sets to sculpt and define your arms.

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Number of Reps:
If you are trying to put on muscle size then you should be lifting as heavy as you can for six to 10 reps at a time.

If you are trying to tone up and get defined you should be lifting 15 to 25 reps at a time of less weight.

If you are new to training and you're just trying to get started, then you should be lifting 10 to 15 reps at a time.

You should lift the weight that you can barely push with good form and technique by the last rep. Start with a light weight until your form and technique is on point. Once you feel comfortable with the exercise then you can increase the weight.

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1. Pull-Ups: Body Weight 6-15 reps
2. Dips (arms behind back): Body Weight 6-20 reps
3. Shoulder Presses: 6-10 reps (increase size), 10-15 reps (beginner), 15-25 reps (definition)
4. EZ Curl Bar Bicep Curls: 6-10 reps (increase size), 10-15 reps (beginner), 15-25 reps (definition)
5. Medial Deltoid Lifts (pictured above): 6-10 reps (increase size), 10-15 reps (beginner), 15-25 reps (definition)

If you're new to weight-training, allow yourself to be a beginner and start with light weights so you do not injure yourself. As you feel comfortable with the exercises, you can increase in weight or reps depending on your goal.

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