Richard Branson

Paul Kane/Getty Images

Yup, dude looks like a lady!

On Sunday, Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson dressed up in female flight attendant's uniform complete with bright red skirt suit, fishnet stockings and patent leather flats.

Why the sudden change of style? The billionaire was making good on a bet he lost to AirAsia's group chief Tony Fernandes over whose Formula One racing team would win the 2010 Abu Dhabi race.

A pencil skirt was just the beginning of the bet. Branson also wore bright red lipstick, eye shadow and false lashes. His hair was also fluffed into a small pompadour at the top.

During the almost six-hour flight, he cheerfully chatted with passengers, made intercom announcements and served drinks. Only once making the beginner's mistake of spilling a tray of drinks directly on Fernandes—by happy accident, we're sure.

While Branson certainly was dressed to the nines, it would have been a real treat to see him sporting the upcoming uniforms designer Vivienne Westwood is currently working on for Virgin Alantic. Perhaps, they didn't have his size in time.

 At least now we know: Richard Branson may not be the most attractive woman but he certainly is a man of his word.

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